Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free:

Are you awake, asleep or in a cage, Locked inside a prism of rage,

Satisfied, neglected or defining a path, Of success in your life or the money wrath,

Leave the life, set out in the past, Dreams of material success just can’t last,

Denial, restraint and realisation of life, Freedom arrives when you minimise the strife,

Are you absolutely free? Are you absolutely false?

A decision you will have to make.....

I Tried

I Tried: (17th June 2010)

I tried and I tried but I couldn’t get out, Gave up trying and started to shout,

When shouting failed to raise the alarm, I began using a smile and some charm,

When charm lost its once great appeal, I gave a go to a touch and a feel,

A touch and a feel fell where it lay, And here I am stuck, Its where I’ll stay. 



Out beyond the breaking waves, Where gulls dive and terns play,

A head appears above the sea, No board in sight, a swimmer free,

I watch the figure appear and fade, On valley and crest that the sea has made,

As it neared the standing depth, Almost out of skin I leapt,

For coming nearer to the shore, I began to notice more and more,

I spy a tail behind the figure, A womans frame getting bigger,

All at once my doubt it fades, What comes towards me is a mermaid,

Calmness descends upon my soul, For once I realise my final role,

As I dove into the sea, Lured by a voice calling me,

I look back once towards the land, And wave goodbye with a final hand,

My final demand, my final wish, To be turned from a man to a fish..

14th November 2010

O Words of a Troubled Mind

“O words of a troubled mind” (Summer of Writing Challenge 5 – August 27th 2010)

Life’s true words are red and white, One for surrender the other for fight, Let them float away on the tides of August, Brushing aside the feelings of the past, And replace them with future smiles at last,

Strength from solidarity, And sense from regret, Fend off frowns and auspicious threat, A sunny seat by the arch of memory, Flowing waters shall always be free,

A sky of luminescent dials, Sprinkles light on land below, Where the waves meet, And the tide does flow, That’s where I want to be,

A very important discovery of chance, Imaginary or real, It began with a dance, Charting your life in months and years, Through smiles and laughs, And sadness and tears,

Fragility through words, That pours from a voice of stone, Soars high on the winds of change and alone, Hurt from a sound, And pleasure from a voice, Words allow for freedom of choice,

From fields of inequity, Arose a beacon of light, Cast its rays down, Upon the earths might, Darkness descended without a word, For it does not speak except to birds,

Smile with your eyes, Laugh with your mouth, Useful expressions, Along with a pout,

Stare life in the eyes of the present, Observe the past of lies and relent, Broken but not finished, Fragmented and far from diminished, Healthy in mind, Happy in body, And calm in spirit.

Faces of ghosts in hidden places, Lingering memories in elusive spaces, Rhythm finds its perfect groove, At last.. A sign… A time to move.

Trevor Seery

Lost and Found

Literary Den Submission ~ Summer of Writing 2010:

45 lines
One hour from nowhere, one mile to go there, one smile in sunshine, led by fingers tracing a line,
As he scratches among the dirt for pieces of humanity, a puzzle of immense importance is discovered, choose right or not at all, the difference is irrelevant to those that fall, picking up pieces, pieces of time, small but significant arranged in a line,

Signs of morality and sinners for life, pick up the phone, put down the knife, To sit just to be sat, along a river, atop a lofty perch, gazing at the steeples of a bell ringing church,

My mind is awash with thoughts of duress, no job, no money, social unrest, a light shines from a land of cloud, hills and streams a chance to be proud,

A lily immovable on raft of water it lay, from dusk to dawn way out on the bay, normality rises and falls with the tides of spring, follows the seasons, and the lunar ring,

Foot prints left in sand where you stood, images of fire and pagan in hood, the eyes of the cosmos beams and shines, awakened by darkness but asleep by 9, illuminated by fire, a beacon of hope, the all seeing mirror of life and elope, names in the sky and words on my lips, the end of love, a momentary eclipse, speaking to stars so difficult to see, expressions, admissions a chance to be free, what is that shape, tracing a line, a face a name, so beautiful.., that used to be mine,

The end of this tale finishes in my head, Cause its there that real magic happens, Where fantasy is fed, Normality is such a formal word, leads us to believe that were all going to be cured.

45 lines!!

Sexual Repression and Porn

Sexual Repression Rant:

A kneejerk reaction to a facebook post on sexual education, porn, catholic repression and guilt from 2010.

"Its not alarming at all...
When you grow up in a society that doesnt inform you of what happening with your body, why your getting rushes of emotions and what do you do about it? No parent, teacher or guardian explains what is happening? So you do your own research, in my time it was magazines and sometimes porn. How are we different. As a Teen it was not a preference for porn but a hunger for knowledge and education on what was what that no teen gets from who should be protecting them
Also a Catholic repression that looms like a fungal decay and plague eating away at the confidence of teens in my time that made you think and feel that you WERE not to look at girls not follow emotions or investigate them. Say prayers for your sins for "Touching yourself" or indeed "thinking unpure thoughts" is enough to turn any person into a confused frightened and emotional wreck that sees their bodies as vile and dirty things to not be touched nor investigated until one gets married. Thats the Catholic teachings that keeps people stupid about what turns men and women on, watching programmes like channel 4's revealing documentaries I GUARANTEE are switched off almost as soon as they start by parents afraid of their teen finding out more than they should.. A religious back bite of the disgusting catholic suppression of expression.

Growing up in a country that puts alcohol on a pedestal from anyone who is 18+ and having 8-10 public taverns in a town and village that has a pop of 1,000 or less. What do you expect that teens begin drinking so young.

They are thought CSPE, civic social and politicial education in school yet are told "NO you cant vote or take part in decision making till you are 18".
In conclusion. This does not shock me, examine the facts then begin to tell teenagers the facts. I had sex ed in primary school from a nun in a wheel chair who told us not to have sex until we were married.. I learned more from porn than i ever did off parents, teachers, and even friends. Sad but true."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Letter

"Yes, that is exactly what I meant by it.. But I wasnt happy then because I was just on my own, I was happy in the knowledge that I was comfortable in my skin and ready to share that skin with someone else. You remember when we watched that film (INTO THE WILD).I took so much from it. One of the quotes strikes me. "Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past". and another towards the end of the film, "Happiness only real when shared" so yes I have been thinking whilst doing college work. I dont mind been on my own or with someone but when you reach a point in your life and you're in college or working or having fun or not having fun. You just want to share those experiences with a person who is willing to listen, understand and advise or comfort you. To be understood does not come easy... You just wanna say f#@k it,I dont wanna do something and not be able to share it with someone. Sharing with your friends is different. To share an experience no matter how boring or interesting it is, is a wonderful connected experience.. To be included in someones life is to be accepted, welcomed and nurtured. Why are we here on this earth at all if we cant do those things that make us happy or included... there is too much exclusion in the world to not appreciate simple meaningful, or meaningless connections. Become who you want to become and when you do, it becomes obvious that been able to do things on your own is fantastic and rewarding but when there is no one there to see you do this or have a conversation with then you realise as i have realised that that quote "happinness only real when shared" is pretty true. I experienced it in New York in the mountains, I was ok but did miss having a person to share the experince with. Even if it was a simple conversation which I ended up seeking out from locals to talk about how long the river was or the history of the area. I needed some one to share it with."